With the Cape Winelands; history has unfolded drastically over the last 350 years with a very rich tapestry. Having the summer season approaching, a trip down the Winelands with your spouse is highly recommended. Here you will enjoy wine-tasting all the way to getting the best meals to seal the deal! Cape Town South Africa has more than one hundred wine estates and hay there’s more coming. Allow us to give you an idea of what you can do and which wineries would best suit your desires. Here is your Top 10!

#1: DeMorgenzon Stellenbosch

DeMorgenzon which translates as “the morning sun” is situated in Stellenbosch Western Cape in the slopes that rise from about 200m to nearly 400m above sea level; complimented by the vistas that beautifully embrace Cape Town, Cape Point, Table Mountain, and Helderberg to mention a few, also having Simonsberg with the ocean gracefully displayed as a backdrop. Come and enjoy the wonderfully made wine that comes from grapes that listen to nice classic, yes they do!

#2: La Motte, Franschhoek

La Motte situated in Franschhoek was acquired by the late Dr. Anton Rpert in 1970. He believed in the preservation of art. What is more interesting at La Motte, you can go for wine tasting, dining and also hit up a walking trail; this gives you an opportunity to experience the breathtaking views of the Winelands in Franschhoek. Be sure to get our customized itinerary and have the time of your life with your spouse.

#3: FairView, Paarl

Looking back into the history of Fairview a young Charles Back arrived upon the shores of the cape around the 1900s, with so much passion for wine and yep a very work ethic. Fairview is a great testimony of that today. Travel down the N1 of Cape Town towards Paarl; just you off-ramp, be sure to know that you’re off-ramping to greatness! Fairview wine estate prides itself with its own selection of cheeses.

#4: Delair Graff Estate, Stellenbosch

Welcome to Delaire Graff a place that is dedicated to beauty in various forms. Now if you know how diamonds are made, then definitely you are getting where we are going; talk of brilliance. Here at Delair Graff with your custom made itinerary from us, you will not only be doing wine tasting but also enjoy the different cuisines and embrace the beautiful art and views.

So come along and have some wine!

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