Imagine yourself traveling across the famous Indian Ocean to grace an Island with your presence. Madagascar falls under the top four largest islands in the world; isolated in the Southern African parts of the Indian Ocean. This beautiful island country is approximately about 400 kilometers off East Africa’s coast. Madagascar prides itself for the indigenous plants and unique animals. Wildlife lovers are in for a treat as there is so much to see on the island, from viewing beautiful orchids, lemurs and birds.

Ring-tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta).

With the tourism industry fast-growing in Madagascar; developments are rising. The beauty of the landscapes and cultural diversity are a massive support in the tourism industry. As a traveler you need not to worry about accommodations, with approximately 550 hotels; you can rest assured that you’re definitely going to have a world-class experience.

What to look forward to on the island is visiting the Analamazaotra Special Reserve, this reserve prides itself with great wildlife reservations of the Madagascar island. It is situated towards the North-East part of the island and is neighboring with the Analamazaotra Forest Station which is famous for being the reforestation effort.
We promise to get you a well detailed itinerary that will accommodate all your fantasies on this trip. Starting off by landing in the Capital City Antananarivo; your expeditions will sure enlighten you and involve you with the epitome of nature.


  • Traveling across the Indian Ocean 
  • The beautiful orchids Exploration of the capital city Antananarivo 
  • Historic Architecture

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