At Kabura Travel & Tours we pride ourselves on the kind of service that we provide to our guests. Our Tour Guides are carefully trained and up to standard to bring you amazing experiences. The training that our guys undergo is to see if they can handle different kinds of diverse people, the driving skills, are they friendly, and can work with people accordingly. All our drivers have a professional driving permit (PDP), which enables them to travel around with passengers. We aim to bring the best services that will leave our guest woo’d and want to come back for more experiences with us. With a variety to choose from when it comes to language; English, French-speaking, Portuguese, and many more upon request. Take a moment to learn more about our top guides, where they come from, and what they enjoy doing.


Hey! My name is Jean-Marie. I am originally from Kigali/Rwanda. I’ve been in South Africa since 2005. Well, I left my country because of political instabilities, injustice, and repression by an authoritarian regime. I take pride in being a tourist guide, my hobbies entail hiking, long-distance running, soccer, and volleyball. I take pride in tour guiding because I enjoy meeting people and making friends from all over the world. We share laughter, stories, facts, and figures about places. I visit and see places and peoples from different cultural diversities. I enjoy discovering the beauty of nature. It’s a learning process, a mind-opener, a source of joy, knowledge, and discoveries.

Ruben Lotz

Hi my name is Ruben I am 37 years old I am married with two children I am living in Capetown. I am a lover of life and people are my passion I enjoy socializing, I love to also be outdoors and enjoy the beauty by hiking. I have worked in hospitality and other industries I am a tourguide for about 7 years now and this is the best job in the world meeting people and sharing our beautiful city with them.

Alfani Yoyo

My name is Alfani Yoyo, I originally come from the Democratic Republic of Congo. My media (journalistic) background made me fall in love with information and learn new things. This motivated me to venture into guiding. I speak English and French. I love traveling, discovery adventures, and meeting people. Tour guiding offers me plenty of opportunities to live that dream.

Barnabas Marshall Matore


I answer to the Name Barnabas Marshall Matore, born a citizen of Zimbabwe 1991. Worked as a Marketing Manager and a teacher to persuade a career in my communication skills. I am an efficient and professional individual who ascertain that all tourists under my obligation and guidance are happy and satisfied in all their tours and voyage. Putting asunder my partially complete geological degree at the University of Zimbabwe with further studies gained in South Africa, I am a keen and eager communicator, hence my zeal to be a well renowned and exceptional tour guide.

I am a People’s person who is there to bring a smile to each and every person I encounter as a Tourist guide. I love environmental research as well as digging further for information about all tourist sites, cities around South Africa, and the world at large. In terms of hobbies, I love numbers, hence dwell much on solving mathematical problems and training people, swimming, and athletics. Being an avid reader in literature and arts, I enjoy the artistic side of Capetown at larger love to share all I know with anyone who pays me a visit. I love music, know how to dance and all this under my partying with my friends. Cooking is not my favorite by having an excellent sense of tasting good food that forms part of my hobby.


Hi, I am Corne. I am an extrovert who loves socializing and meeting new people. My philosophy in life is “there are no strangers just new friends you have not met yet” I’m not here to tour people but rather to give people who I meet an experience they will never forget! I love good food and finding new places that wow me. I was in sales for 22 years but when I started touring I knew that is where I belong. Looking forward to meeting you soon friend!

Ibrahim “Ibby” Bukuru

My name is Ibrahim Bukuru but I go by the short and simple version; Ibby.

I am the proud result of a homogenous mixture of Congolese father and South African upbringing and culture.

I love my job as a tour because it connects me to people from all around the world and there’s nothing more I’m passionate about people and hospitality towards one and all.

I enjoy a wide range of creative arts such as film making; spoken poetry, writing and public speaking.
I also have a deep appreciation for the game of basketball ball and I spend most of my days on the court with friends and new people.

I love to travel in and around South Africa and I’m absolutely in love with Cape Town.

Pay us a visit because I can’t wait to meet you!


Revealing the germs on our beautiful continent and providing the best customer service is what fuels my passion as a guide. I am Tatenda and l strived to have a household name in tourism. Born and bred in Zimbabwe ?? l am well travelled around SADC countries and believe that, knowledge is vital to the best guest experience.

Anesu Mangwiro

I am Anesu Mangwiro a 35-year-old Zimbabwean father of 1 lovely daughter. I have been a Tour Guide for 8 years recently completed my National Tour Guide Certification. I am an avid Arsenal supporter and l am very passionate about meeting people, learning about their customs whilst sharing South Africa and Africa’s rich culture. Each tour for me is an opportunity to CREATE UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES through EXCEEDING CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS. I tend to be talkative during my Tours because l enjoy sharing and learning through my own type of touring l call EDU-TAINMENT (Education with Entertainment ) On my off days l spend most of my time with Audrey my daughter or watch Arsenal play.

Joshua Mutami

I am Joshua Mutami born 30 April 1987 in a small town right in the middle of Zimbabwe called Gweru. I am a passionate Western Cape certified tourist guide with 7-year experience of making dream come true, I like being around people from all corners of the world and share everything about anything I know. With my hobbies I like travelling, playing chess and solving puzzles games.

Yomi Sade Papu

Well trained Media Liaison through CTIJF (Cape Town International Jazz Festival). With an ability to implement promising skills through photography. I have good experience with Event Planning, Microsoft Packages and Customer Services. Strong media and Communication personnel with a BTech: Public Relations Management mainly focused in Public Relations, Communication Sciences and Media Studies from Cape Peninsula University of Technology; with aspirations of completing my Master’s Programme. I hold an additional Tourism qualification from the Livingstone Tourism Academy, which makes me a qualified Tour Guide. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing experiences about my country. Nothing excites me to travel with guests that have never been to a particular place, I look forward to getting you there safely and make sure that you have fun. What is a trip without fun anyway?! I look forward to meeting you and showing my side of the world to you. Zwakala! (Come!)

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